Four Essential Apps For Bump, Birth and Baby

There really is an app for everything these days, isn’t there?  The maternity and baby market is brimming with virtual gadgets – everything from conception calculators to baby name generators – and the sheer choice can be a little bewildering. So since nobody wants to waste good money on an app that’s no good, and now you’ve got that precious data limit to think about (as you’re bound to be snapping your bump or baby on a daily basis) we’ve picked our four go-to apps for pregnancy to baby’s arrival and beyond.

Ovia Pregnancy


There are a lot of apps offering similar functions, but Ovuline’s Ovia app is a big hit with mums today. This app enables you to upload and store bump pics, it gives you daily updates on baby’s development in utero, and offers handy tips on everything from what foods to avoid to symptoms to watch out for. We especially love the ‘actual-size’ handprint the app produces for you every day of your pregnancy, so you can really visualise their growth. So sweet!

Contraction Master


Timing the length and frequency of your contractions can all get a bit much when labour starts. This app enables you to time and record your contractions with an easy stop-start function, so you can relax – and focus on your breathing. If your birth partner had been tasked with keeping an eye on contraction timings, you can now deploy them to other, more meaningful tasks: tea-making, back-rubbing, bath-running and candle-lighting. Perfect!

Contraction Master, The easy way to time contractions.

NCT Babychange


Heading into public with a newborn is a feat plenty of new mothers wait weeks to even attempt. Knowing exactly where you can change a nappy before you really NEED to know where you can change that nappy is extremely useful information. The NCT Babychange app uses GPS data to show you all nearby changing facilities based on your location data. You can also check user ratings for things like accessibility and cleanliness… because we know from experience that not all baby changing stations were created equal.  Find out more.

The Wonder Weeks


Based on the bestselling book, this app is written and endorsed by leading paediatricians and is a fascinating hive of insight into baby’s developmental ‘leaps’ and ‘flashpoints’. With easy-to-access information on your baby’s mental and physical development – and what they learn and what skills they acquire as they pass these big markers – the app helps parents prepare for and help their babies through those big developmental milestones. You’ll get alerts when your baby is approaching a new leap, and you can personalise your baby’s own chart so that the guidance you get back is tailored to your child’s growth. Visit The Wonder Weeks website.

We’d love to know about your tried-and-tested maternity apps! Drop us a reply below and share the knowledge with your fellow mamas.

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