Newborn Photo Shoot: A Peek Behind The Scenes

Newborn Photography ~ Kingston Upon Thames

Back in January we made a little film at the studio to capture what happens on a newborn photoshoot.  Along with fab cinematographers Wedding Memories, we welcomed new mum Naomi and new dad Stephen, with their divine eleven-day-old daughter Liel to the studio.

For many new parents, the prospect of getting out of the house with a newborn is daunting at best. I’ve been there too and I remember those precious newborn weeks as an equally magical and utterly, earth-shatteringly exhausting time, so I try to make the studio as welcoming and as comfy as possible.

I am not big on props but I do love my puzzle bowl

Newborn Photography Kingston Upon Thames

From lots of cosy seating to well-stocked baby changing facilities and that essential source of caffeine for new parents – the Nespresso machine – it’s these little things which can make all the difference on a shoot. The studio is also kept nice and warm for the babies, who are being shot in various states of undress throughout the day. Parents often tell me how relaxed they’ve felt on a newborn shoot, and that’s the best feedback I could ever ask for.

I’m always honoured when a family chooses me to take their maternity, newborn or baby photographs. These are such important moments and it’s a huge privilege to be entrusted with capturing these images. Ensuring the utmost safety and comfort of you and your precious baby is also a responsibility I take very seriously.

Preparing Liel for shots with mum & dad

Newborn Photography Kingston Upon Thames

We really take our time over things on newborn shoots. These are bespoke and personal experiences and we’re led entirely by baby’s needs, so naturally there’s always ample time for feeds, cuddles and changes. A newborn shoot tends to take three to four hours: some are a little quicker than that, and some take longer. You can’t rush a masterpiece, after all…

Snug as a bug – a popular set up

Newborn Photography Kingston Upon Thames

As you’ll see from the video, Naomi, Stephen and Liel were brilliant models and we got some stunning shots from the day. I always encourage families to pose for a few family shots on a newborn shoot: that newborn phase is such a fleeting and precious time, and it’s very special to capture these moments with such timeless and enduring images. Naturally, lots of new parents can be reluctant to pose for group shots but they’re always over the moon with the results. It’s often the group family photographs which are still hanging on the walls ten years later.

We were all convinced Liel was smiling back at us

Newborn Photography Kingston Upon Thames

I adore this final image from the gallery

Newborn Photography Kingston Upon Thames

Huge thanks go to husband and wife filming team Alex and Paula who encouraged me to relax on camera during my interview. I felt it was important to include a bit of me in the video, to give new families a sense of who I am and a flavour of what it’s like spending a little time at the studio with me.


I post model calls on my Facebook page, so stay tuned for future requests and to keep up to date with news, images from shoots, and blog posts.


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