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Safety During Your Newborn Photography Session

You are pregnant and about to welcome your beautiful newborn baby into the world and are considering looking for a photographer to capture this special time.

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How do you know your baby will be in safe hands with your chosen photographer?

In the past two to three years newborn photography has become a must for many new parents.  With the rise in popularity for this type of session you will find that you are inundated with photographer options.

Unfortunately newborn photography is a completely unregulated industry, any photographer can claim to be a specialist with newborns. Obviously your newborns safety is paramount.

How do you know which photographers have the correct knowledge and training to safely pose your new baby and not put them in a harmful situation?

  1. I would recommend asking them when and who they trained with.
  2. I would take a good look through their portfolio to ensure that in all of the images, baby looks peaceful and comfortable.
  3. Look for the BANPAS logo.  The UK’s Baby & Newborn Photography Association.  BANPAS are an association whose members are amongst the UK’s leading baby and newborn photographers.  The Association promotes safe working practices and we are dedicated to ensuring your baby’s comfort and safety takes priority whilst our members create beautiful images for you to treasure.  They have a fantastic article about Baby Safety & Composite Images which is well worth a read, it really demonstrates what I am talking about and shows lots of example images.
  4. If you are still not convinced ask the photographer to show you images of how baby was supported during the posing process.


Here is an image of mine showing a baby with his head rested on his hands,  As you can see in the images beside it the baby’s head was supported at all times.  I then use my photoshop knowledge to composite the images together.

Newborn Photography Safety Prop Shot


My Training & Experience in Newborn Safety

When I first ventured into newborn photography I knew it was vital for me to receive training to ensure I was able to pose a baby safely, comfortably and without harm.  My initial safety and posing training was undertaken over two years ago with one of the UK’s top newborn photographers and trainers.  Under her guidance I learnt the skills necessary to settle and safely pose a newborn baby. Since then I have attended many further newborn training days and seminars and have photographed well in excess of 100 newborns.  At all times the safety and comfort of every baby I photograph is paramount.

Newborn Photography Safety Head on Hands Shot


If you are thinking of booking a newborn photography session please do ask your chosen photographer about their training and experience, it really isn’t worth taking a risk with your newborn’s safety.

You will find more information about newborn photography safety on the BANPAS website.  BANPAS are the Baby and Newborn Photography Association here to help you to find a photographer who understands this delicate area of portrait photography.  BANPAS only allow membership to photographers offering high standards of customer service, quality images and safe practice across the profession of baby and newborn photography.

For a helpful list of other things to ask head to my Guide to Choosing Your Newborn Photographer Blog.


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