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What a special time in your life! I really appreciate you considering me to photograph your baby.
I love the details, sleepiness & cuddliness of a newborn. I love to capture them just as they are. My props consist of beautiful blankets, wraps and hats. I believe what makes the images beautiful is simply your gorgeous baby posed in a simple way.
If you like my style and would like to go ahead please contact me before your baby arrives to book your session…the earlier the better. I will block off some time near your due date (before AND after your due date, knowing that he/she could come early or late). If we have a surprise early visit we will adjust as needed toward the end, so all I ask is you keep me updated and contact me as soon as he or she officially arrives (email or text is fine, whatever is easier for you).
The best time to photograph a newborn is 4-14 days old. After that point they may be more irritable in front of the camera, more alert/less sleepy, and slightly harder to pose. This isn’t ALWAYS the case, but from experience i have had more success with newborn sessions running smoothly early on. At this age, they are sleepy and very bendy which helps your baby feel comfortable during the photo shoot.
Things to keep in mind newborn sessions are usually long (3 hours typically). We will take a relaxed approach as we will have to account for things like nappy changes and feeding breaks, consoling them when they are upset and settling them into a deep sleep. About an hour before the session, make your house warmer than usual to help your baby feel comfortable. To get the best pictures possible, please keep the nappy loose for 30 minutes to an hour before i arrive that way there won’t be any creases on their skin in the pictures. Please try to feed your little one shortly before we begin (about 30 minutes before or so). When they are fed, they’re usually sleepier and happier which will allow us to do more with them! If it works out, it would be great if they are awake before I arrive so they are more likely to be sleepy during pictures (I do realise this may be asking a lot because newborns aren’t on schedules yet!). I have one child myself & I know that some of this may not be feasible & that is OKAY! These are merely suggestions.
I am a natural light photographer so I will need to position your newborn in a nicely lit location preferably in a room with bright windows. I will open all the blinds or shutters to let in as much light as we can. If you are concerned about the light in your house let me know and we can work out another arrangement. (It is not usually an issue so please do not worry).
Feel free to provide some accessories; scarves, hats, teddies, blankets, anything you’d like to include in the pictures to make your session unique to you.
Most importantly please do not feel like you are having a guest over and put the pressure on yourself to clean. You just had a baby! I do not expect your house to be clean OR tidy! I will ask for you to give me a tour so that I can scout out nice places to photograph your baby inside your house based on how the light is falling. I may move things around for the right light & put it all back when i’m done.
The newborn session fee is £125 this will include a 10×8 loose print and an online gallery of 20-30 fully edited images, which are available for viewing and choosing for 7 days. After this time I will be in touch to find out what you would like to order. Many clients like to invest in a small album or book of the shoot as a keepsake of this special time. Other popular products are multi-aperture frames, this will display a collection of images from the shoot and canvases, bot h of which look fantastic in the nursery or pride of place in your lounge. I am happy to help you with your choices and will bring examples to show you.
If you have any further questions or would like to go ahead and schedule a date please do give me a call and we can have a chat. I look forward to hearing from you.
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