What to wear

What you wear for your shoot will have a huge impact on the final photographs.

Below you will find some tips on what works for the different types of sessions. I have included some links and images to give you inspiration.

Wardrobe choices is something we will discuss in our pre-session phone consultation. I am also on hand at the beginning of the session to look at different options and offer my advice.

Maternity Sessions

Styling is a key element for beautiful, timeless maternity photography.

For outdoors sessions, we recommend outfits that flatter your shape and accentuate your curves. Dresses in general work really well. Have fun with accessories to add pops of bright color and dimension to your portraits. I love rich textures, simple patterns, chunky jewelry, scarves, hats, headbands, and ruffles. Bring layers with you to add interest and variety to your images.

For studio style boudoir portraits you will want to consider your underwear and ensure it is not too revealing. I have several prop style wardrobe options which you are welcome to incorporate. A beautiful open fronted dress, lace kimono and fabrics for draping.

If you would like some inspiration for options that work for either type of session pop over to my maternity what to wear Pinterest board. Link here.


Newborn Sessions

The times I recommend clients keep wardrobe really simple is during newborn sessions. In these cases, you don’t want the clothing overpowering the baby.

I adore parent & baby skin to skin shots, they are very natural and moving. It is a good idea to discuss skin to skin shots with dad before the session, they may need some time to come round to the idea. For mum we can use a wrap and expose the shoulders that way or you could just wear a simple vest top.

What to wear-8

Otherwise simple clothing is the key, a plain white or black fitted top for dad. For mum lace looks beautiful as does white and pastel colours. They key is to both be in similar colours.


Older Baby Sessions

For older baby sessions I try to capture baby in a few wardrobe options. Generally I suggest a favourite outfit to start with and also a natural look where baby is in their birthday suit and/or nappy and nappy cover.

What to wear baby-1

I do have some stunning knitted/crocheted hat options which always look really cute and really emphasise baby’s features on the close up shots. Feel free to provide extra props to make the session unique to you and your baby. Etsy is a fantastic website for things like bow ties, rompers, leg warmers, headbands and tutu style skirts.

Clothing that compliments the colour of your baby’s eyes is always stunning and creates emotive close-up portraits. Don’t be afraid to incorporate bold colours and funky patterns especially if the session is focusing only on baby. Where possible steer clear of logo’s which can be really distracting in an image.


Family Sessions

As a general rule of thumb have everyone wear colours that are complimentary in shade and try to avoid really large prints and logos. They will draw your eye to the clothing and not the person.



  • Solid colours tend to work best.
  • A top with interesting textures on it can add a depth and richness to an image.
  • Layers are a good way to get several looks from your shoot they also add dimension and depth. In the summer? Layer your dress with a cute belt and pendant necklace. In the autumn and winter? cardigans, belts, statement necklaces, scarves, hats, blazers, etc.
  • If you can, bring along a few outfit changes.  This works especially well for the children.
  • Props can be a great addition – your child may have a favourite toy, bike or stuffed animal, if they do bring it along.
  • Overall make sure everyone is happy and comfortable in their outfit choice.  Grumpy kids do not make for a fun session.


Things to avoid

  • Large blocks of very vivid shades of reds & oranges.
  • Clothing with logos and slogans, these are very distracting in a photo.
  • Thin stripes – can look strange in a photo.

If you would like some inspiration for colour palettes that work pop over to my family what to wear Pinterest board. Link here.

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